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Advent wreath #2

This is another advent wreath that I made.  click here for the 2-D wreath.  I try to make Advent “real” for kids–I  want the kids to have the same excitement over the lighting of a “new” candle but in a … Continue reading

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Advent Idea #1

I love Advent. “Come Lord Jesus, Come”–my individual walk with God as an adult pales in comparison to the communal walk with God as a family.  Each day I become closer to God as I teach, listen, and create with … Continue reading

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God and the Sweet Potato

My sister-in-law introduced me to this video and I decided to try it.  This organic sweet potato video shows how an organic sweet potato grows vs. a non organic sweet potato.  I love growing things teaching science long-term projects with kids sweet … Continue reading

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