My journey as a wife, mom, writer, artist, and educator.

I dream big.

I seek joy.

I work hard.

I nurture.

I love unconditionally.

I create things from scratch.

In everything I give thanks to God.

I write about it all here.  I’m not perfect.  My kids aren’t perfect.  My husband isn’t perfect.  In spite of all our imperfections we are a puzzle that fits together perfectly–I’m the gas and he is the brake, one kid is a spelling whiz and I can’t spell to save my life, one kid is amazingly musical and I can’t sing a note, one kid is so happy and joyful–it gives me hope that I might be like him and the last–is a mini me–and we clash!

Our house is very loud with singing His praise, sibling rivalry, and I can be heard yelling “just get in the car” several times a day.  Thank you God for this life–without your strength I know I couldn’t do it.

Some of my favorite posts are my honesty series where I write about being fat, too many clothes, too many toys and figuring out why I keep all this stuff.

4 Responses to About

  1. Teresa says:

    I like you already! And I love your website!

  2. I love this! I will definitely be checking into your blog regularly. 🙂

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