31 Days of Honesty 2012

I happened upon this idea created by The Nester, via Lisa Jo Baker who blogs at Gypsy Mama.  Basically, a writer writes for 31 days on one topic.

I had already posted when I found out about this idea–but I loved the idea–but my post was about being honest.  Writing for 31 days about confessing did not sound like a great idea–but it has been amazing.  I’ve let go, I’ve shared, I’ve made a few new friends, I have a little cheering section–the response has been so overwhelmingly wonderful.

I want to be able to encourage and inspire through my blog and I think that slowly I can see a sisterhood forming, mentoring and it makes my heart sing.

Being honest, authentic and trusting is much harder than I thought it would be–but by supporting each other–we know now that we are not alone.  We really do share pages out of the chapters of our lives.  Be Blessed.

Day 1:  let’s be honest–I’m fat

Day 2:  top ten list–what I’m scared of

Day 3:  my closet and too many clothes!

Day 4: too many toys!!!!

Day 5:  five minute friday–welcome+honest

Day 6:  helping a brother out

Day 7:  perspective

Day 8:  honoring myself

Day 9:  Christmas presents–top ten list

Day 10:  love yourself and a video of india arie

Day 11:  finding my purpose

Day 12:  five minute friday–honest + race

Day 13:  letting go in order to find

Day 14:  taking a break to think

Day 15:  clutter–physical, emotional, mind clutter!

Day 16:  accepting your inside truth and your outward truth.

Day 17:  creating a mission statement and my vision board presentation

Day 18:  not wanting to explain that my kid is different but not less!

Day 19:  flag wavers

Day 20:

Day 21:

Day 22:

Day 23:

Day 24:

Day 25:

Day 26:

Day 27:

Day 28:

Day 29:

Day 30:  the day my Dad died

Day 31:  the end of 31 days and the beginning of looking at “things” differently

5 Responses to 31 Days of Honesty 2012

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  2. ljbmom says:

    I think this is a wonderful topic–though maybe challenging at times! Bless you for your willingness to speak truth to yourself!

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