I lost 218 lbs. + 4

My weight update:

I lost 218 lbs of stuff to go to good will.

I actually have 2 bags of clothes from the closet project . . . but I didn’t weigh those.  I didn’t include the bags of trash . . .

I let go of a bunch of physical stuff I didn’t need.

When I let go of the physical “treasures” I felt better physically–I have less visual clutter, I can breathe deeper, my mind isn’t thinking about the projects I will never complete.  I feel lighter.

In the midst of all this I lost 4 lbs.  I didn’t count calories, I went walking twice and I became still in my thoughts as I wrote my entries and thought deep thoughts.

As I worked through some things and identified other challenges that I have (and plan to write about), as I tried had to live in the moment–every moment, I realized that life is so incredibly full.

I began a practice of sitting silently during the day–I put it on the schedule to sit–not sit and fold laundry, school the kids or knit (and being in the car did not count)–but to sit and just be.  Sort of like Yoga Sitting–I think about my breathing, my purpose, my kids come in and out giving me hugs . . . I pray for friends, family and souls I will never meet on this earth.

Peace comes from within.  

I knew that–I wrote about it here.   My first ever post on 12/9/2010.  A two year journey.  And now, just now, the concept has moved from my head, to my heart and now lives deep in my soul.

It was always there–I just couldn’t find it–I was so focused on keeping up with the pace of the life I created–because if I’m really busy then I can’t just sit and think and be intentional.  I couldn’t find peace in all of the boxes of my different collections, I couldn’t find peace in a closet full of clothes that took me to the past each day, I couldn’t find it among books I’ll never get to read or magazines filled with recipes, knitting patterns and sewing tutorials that I will never make or use.

I smile a lot more.  I laugh louder–totally embarrassing my kids!  I feel joy.

Maybe in November I’ll be able to exercise more and maybe count a few calories–lose more weight.  My goal is to gain in joy what I lose in pounds!

Be blessed.

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2 Responses to I lost 218 lbs. + 4

  1. Brianna VanValin says:

    I love the sitting and being. I heard someone say once, “God made us to be human beings, not human doings.” Thank you for the reminder!

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