9/31 days of Honesty–Christmas gifts

This is 9/31 in a series on honesty.  Each day gets a little harder to face my own challenges!

Last week I posted about toys–how did we get so many, what do I do with them, do I organize or pitch?  and finally what do I do about Christmas?  My kids have accumulated so much stuff–it’s all fun but it is a lot.

What do I do for Christmas if we have so much already.  Last year I bought:

  1. Backpacks for 2 kids
  2. lunch box for 1 kid (filled with fun goodies)
  3. Americian girl doll glasses for 2 dolls
  4. hand knit fingerless gloves for my daughter
  5. matching gloves for her Americian girl doll
  6. hand knit mittens for my son
  7. a homemade polar fleece WI scarf (which is odd because we are University of Michigan fans)
  8. bath crayons
  9. a robe set for each girl and a tiny robe for their dolls (they were VERY into AG dolls last year)
  10. a few books and magazine subscription to National Geographic

This year I’m still stuck on what to get them but here is my list:

  1. Alex Morgan soccer shirt
  2. flannel sheets in a fun print
  3. sleeping bag for a little boy
  4. iTunes gift card
  5. I’ve been scouring for free books on Kindle . . . I’ll unveil those on Christmas
  6. candy–they rarely get candy (homemade hard candy and peanut brittle have been favorites in the past)
  7. a pack of gum for the older kids–they rarely get gum
  8. 3 tooth brushes that are “fancy”–I have 2 bought and will get the other one the next time they go on sale and I have a coupon
  9. a coupon book for each kid
  10. a handmade ornament that says 2012 for each child

That may be all they get.  I’m ok with that.  I want gifts that are useful and aren’t plastic that will be stepped on and discarded.  My intention is to focus on the birthday and not the presents.

What ideas do you have for Christmas?

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9 Responses to 9/31 days of Honesty–Christmas gifts

  1. I like your list! I feel the same way…we have too much stuff. Sadly my girl is no longer interested in her American Girl dolls. 😦

    • renee says:

      My kids seem to play in waves of toys. My “rule” is that one set gets put away before the next comes out–my rules have not been followed lately. uugghh. Thanks for stopping by.

      Be Blessed.

  2. Sharita says:

    First, kudos for thinking so far ahead (although I know Christmas will be here before we know it!)

    My husband and I went through the same thing with our family last year… and I know it is very different for kids (definitely not saying not to get them stuff- because I love giving gifts) But for our families, aka parents and siblings, we prayed about it and gave a donation in their name to an organization or cause that would mean something specific to them. Example: My sister is an animal lover, so we donate to our local pet shelter on her behalf. My dad is gluten intolerant, so we donated to an organization that does research for developing remedies for gluten issues. Then we wrote a letter to accompany their donation, explaining what we did. Everyone (including ourselves) was greatly moved, even my 13 year old lil bro.

    Blessings as you press forward on your experience of honesty 🙂 Glad I found you via OYHT link up!

    • renee says:

      In our families it sort of became a gift card exchange–so we quit exchanging gifts altogether. My husband’s family all live fairly close to one another and we always travel to see them . . . so gifts, plus travel or if we didn’t travel we sent the gifts–it just became too much.

      in my family, once my Mom died so did all traditions. We love spending time together–just not at the holidays.

      Thanks for stopping in!

      Be Blessed.

  3. Jennifer V says:

    Those are some great ideas. My kids are still little (7, 3, and 2 months) so we usually get them something big and then lots of little stuff. One year it was sleds and toy boxes, last year it was bedding. I wanted to make them all a whole set of amigurumi animals but I just haven’t had the time. My best friend just got married Friday, it’s birthday season here lol, and between all three kids and homeschooling there just isn’t time.

    I try to make them things for Christmas and birthdays. I want them to have stuff that mom made through the years that they can hold and use 🙂

    • renee says:

      it is the “lots of little things” that has gotten me into my situation. I’m not sure what I would have done differently–but I should give it some thought and post.

      Be blessed.

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