50% off 7 meals 4/12/12

This past Wednesday I was blessed to be asked by my friend Kim to speak with her at the St. Marys’ Mom’s Group about “Saving Money on a Small Budget” and even though I was really nervous–it was a lot of fun.  So for those of you who couldn’t make it to this meeting maybe you can make it to the “Saving on Sunday” meeting 1:00 on 4/22 at SMA.

In the meeting we talked about the planning that is involved before we even set foot in the grocery store–but for this week you won’t need any coupons to save 50% on your order!  Here’s how you can do it.
1.  Make sure you have a Dominicks card.  You do not need to register it online to get the deals but you will save additionally if you do . . . but for this week–just have a active card.

2.  This week is buy one get one free (bogof) on tons of stuff.  For me this would be a stock up week.  Some of the deals can be combined with coupons but not a lot so you aren’t missing much by not using coupons.
3.  I have made a menu list of dinners–since it is BOGOF–you are getting 2 meals for the price of one.
4.  Remember to check the clearance sections of the store; meat case, dairy case in front of juice and the end cap between cookie dough and eggs.
5.  Here is a meal plan there are seven meals that are all using bogof sale items.  I have also included some ideas for freezer meals.
6.  Good Luck!  Let me know how it goes for you this week!  Remember to check your catalinas at the end of your order to see what you can save on next time!  Last week it was ziploc bags–bogof and a $2 off your next shopping order and that may still work this week.

This is the pasta dinner–I like onion and peppers in my red sauce and on my salad so that was an added cost.  I also bought the Italian cheese rather than the Parmesean (both were bogof) because it was less “expensive”.  There were a couple different browie mixes so to save a little more I bought the less expensive mix.  The packages of meat are huge!  I will be cooking up taco meat, meatballs, and leaving the rest plain so I can add it to any recipe–be mindful that this is 93% lean ground beef which ends up being $2.65/lb–the 80% lean ground beef was $1.99/lb–as the normal price–just an fyi.  My total was $43.26 with a savings of 48%–those peppers and onion at 10410 lowered my 50% goal.
Pasta with Red Sauce
Ground beef
Red sauce
Kraft cheese
Pasta Primavera
Pasta bogof
veggies 10410$
Cheese bogof
Classic Pork 
Pork tenderloins bogof
Rice a roni bogof
O organic vegetables bogof
Apples $1/lb
Grilled cheese bogo
Bread bogo
Cheese bogo
Both bread and cheese freeze
Dip in red sauce
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken bofof
Pasta bogof
10410$ veggies
Beef or Chicken bogof
Cheese bogof
lettuce bogof
peppers/onions 10 for $10
Salsa bogof
Tortillas may or may not be on sale–but they are pretty inexpensive
Taco Salad
Ground Beef bogof
Salsa bogof
Lettuce bogof
Cheese bogof
Pasta salad
Pasta bogof
Kens dressing bogof
Veggies 10410$
Soup bags/crockpot bags (when veggies go on sale or in the summer when they are plentiful I freeze veggies in gallon ziploc bags and use them for the base of soup or stew–you can add to the bags as you go–carrots on sale one week, potatoes the next no worries just layer in the bag–and it looks really pretty)
Veggies 10 for $10
2 carrots
4 peppers
1 lb of onions
3 lbs of potatoes
Plan ahead meals:
Ground beef can be cooked and prepped into
Taco meat
Sloppy joes
Plain hamburger for things like tator tot casserole
meat loaf (I make meatloaf cook it and freeze it into slices or freeze the meatloaf raw)
Nuggets–I cut the chicken, bread it and flash freeze for homemade chicken nuggets
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