Stay Home Sundays

I love my home. I love making my home a place to just be. Our house is busy–the 6 of us all have things that interest us and take us away from our home but on Sunday we all come together and become “homebodies”. We limit our activities to church and school on Sunday. Ideally, we go to Mass on Saturday night so we have all day on Sunday to:
  • stay in our pajamas
  • read an entire book
  • have pancakes and bacon without rushing
  • spend time alone with each kid
  • bake bread
  • take a shower without looking at my watch to see how far behind I am
  • pray and entire rosary
  • make lots of cookies and freeze the dough
  • make a huge train track and turn it into a city
  • plan our week
  • fold laundry (see my previous post on our laundry system)
  • listen to the kids have a concert
  • go for a long walk
  • breathe
  • think without being rushed

I try to prepare our meals for Sunday on Saturday so I need to spend less time in the kitchen. Our Sunday kitchen time is spent working together at a slower pace and enjoying our time rather than the Monday through Friday flurry of meals in under 15 minutes.   

When my kids were younger it was much easier to have stay home days–a time to catch our breath and rejuvenate ourselves. That time of having leisure toddler time has passed and our family needs to be mindful of how important it is becoming to spend time together in a very intentional way. As  our lives become busier I feel it is hugely important to balance it with calm.

Thank you God for taking a day of rest. You have shown us that what we accomplish in 6 days through your blessings and grace will not crumble while we rest on the 7th day.

Leviticus 23:3 You have six days in which to do your work, but remember that the seventh day, the Sabbath, is a day of rest. On that day do not work, but gather for worship. The Sabbath belongs to the Lord, no matter where you live.

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