Are we there yet?

I love the image of Mary riding a donkey.  I wonder what it was like for Mary the last week of her pregnancy?  I did have a December baby and getting ready for Christmas that year was tough.  I had planned ahead so much yet it was not enough.  I still felt rushed.  The Christmas celebration had not turned out the way I wanted.   I took the Christ out of Christmas that year–not intentionally it just sort of happened. 

I have a pregnant Mary riding a donkey with Joseph carved of wood and it lives year round on my dresser so that I can have a constant reminder of her journey.  I have random thoughts during the year–what did they eat, how long was the journey, as a pregnant woman where did she go to the bathroom (50 times a day), riding a donkey or even walking during the last week as that baby is getting ready to pop out . . . or was Jesus breech–uuggh  I remember that feeling.  Was the donkey a nice donkey or one with an attitude.  When Eric and I travel we have “travel rules” and I wonder if Mary and Joseph had them too? 

Thank you Mary for saying “yes” to God.  Help me during my day to say “yes” hundreds of times joyfully.  Mary help me also understand when I need say “yes” to slowing down so that I may rejoice in how God is working in all of our lives. 

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