A Journey to the Cross-Roads

I’ve just come home from the awesome homeschool coop that we attend and I’m really just filled with the joy of knowing Jesus. 

I had all the kids with me at coop and it felt so right to have them all in one place, one great place. 

In my wonderful bible study where I try desperately to keep up . . . I feel extremely supported, loved and lifted in prayer.  The women are amazing.  During the last semester we studied Ruth and this semester we are studying Philemon–in both books we go into great detail about the “journey” of the people-Ruth, Naomi, Timothy, Luke, Paul and names I can’t say or spell.  It is also the second week of Lent.  I wonder what Jesus was doing at this time as he was knowingly on his journey to the cross. 

Lent for me this year is taking a road to the cross in a way that I have never before let myself experience.  A journey.  I think that I have always tried to honor the Lenten season by fasting, praying, almsgiving, going to the fish fry, and trying to generally be more mindful of being a child of God.  This year we move to another state the week after Easter.  This year my state of mind is more fully open to listen to God. 

I’m looking at this Lenten season as a cross roads–God has presented this wonderful opportunity before me–to move far away from “home” and how will I embrace this time of change and challenge.  I look at the cross with different eyes.  I do not see the dying son of God but for the first time I see the Risen Christ.  I see a beautiful new everything unfolding before my eyes and opening my heart. 

Our move will be a new beginning in every part of our lives; as husband and wife, as a family and individually.  We will need to help each other, love one another, lift up and hold on tight in a way that we have not had to do until now.  I feel vulnerable.  I feel like my life as I know it is crashing down and spilling all around me.  I am scared.  Then I hear the words “I am with you always” and I know that I am not alone.  I remember that I am called as a child of God to use my gifts to glorify him.  I remember that my vocation as a joyful wife and mother will consume almost all of my time.  I will try to pray every minute of the day.  I will fail at all of these things that I try so hard to accomplish but I know each day gives me another opportunity to succeed.

Thank you God for being the master planner!  My job of breakfast, lunch, dinner and laundry is the way that I can thank you for taking care of the rest.  Thank you for putting so many wonderful people in my life to help me open my eyes to your message.  Thank you for making this Lenten journey one that will make me open to you and open to seeing Jesus in everyone that I meet. 

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