On my own–again

Sunday is a hard day.  Eric leaves on Sunday and I know that I can do anything and everything by myself it is just so much more enjoyable with Eric.  I will say that Eric and I approach every situation, problem, issue, life in general extremely differently from each other yet–it works for us.  We are almost always in agreement on everything from style of houses to choice of bathroom rugs–I’m not sure how this happens.  It must be divine intervention.

I know that God has a plan for our lives and especially at this moment in time,  I know deep down that I will grow from this experience.  My goal each day is to joyfully serve the Lord–some days I do a better job than others.   Our lives are the most stressful that they have ever been and to be joyful when I’m trying to get everyone out the door in the morning from school, listening to the bickering, when I run out of milk because I “thought” I had another one, when I step in something gross, when I’m just tired and want to just sit for a few minutes . . .

God, thank you for my husband.  I know that this is a time of hardship/growth for him as well as for me.  May the Holy Spirit be with him as he travels.  Help us to be the song in each others heart and not be afraid to sing.

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