Happy New Year!

I just read two other blogs that were very inspiring.  I should not read other blogs before trying to write mine. 

I think that for this New Year I will attempt to not compare myself with others.  I’m not sure when I started to measure myself by others rather than myself. 

This year I want to be happy with who I am becoming and knowing that I do my best each day. 

We are moving to IL soon and the process of weeding through a life’s worth of “things” has been hard.  I was told that if I don’t need it now–get rid of it.  If I wouldn’t buy it today to serve a purpose in my house–get rid of it.  It was a great feeling to get rid of things–the stuff that has kept me from moving on. 

One of the things that I shed were all the maternity related items–clothes, bouncy seats, bassinets, baby clothes and it felt good at the time but now that longing is coming back.  I know that I have my hands very full with my 4 kids and it would be a blessing to have another but my body just isn’t working in that way anymore.  I need to move forward and enjoy what I do have not what I don’t.  My mind knows that but my heart doesn’t.

Thank you God for my family that I love more than anything.  God, please help me trust in you–that these kids and this husband were chosen by you for me.  Calm my heart in knowing that this is where I am supposed to be.

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