Peace comes from within.

Every year our family vacations with my husband family in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We stay at a place called Rock River and the nearest big towns are Munising and Marquette.  This year I was able to sneak off to Marquette one morning and go to Adoration and run errands by myself.

When left alone to my own devices I will almost always find a jewelry store or a knitting store and coffee.  On this particular trip I hit all three!  At the jewelry shop I found a bracelet that has “peace comes from within” engraved on it and those words sang in my heart.

Ever since that day I have worn that bracelet.  I have found that having it reminds me that my grace and peace comes from Christ that dwells within me.  On good days and on bad days–when I am anything but Christ-like–the words give me enough of a pause to get it back together.

Thank you God for the gift of my husband who suggested that I go and take a couple of hours to myself.  Thank you for giving me the grace to stop and listen to you.

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6 Responses to Peace comes from within.

  1. This line right here: my grace and peace comes from Christ that dwells within me. That is what I needed to read in this exact moment. I very important reminder as I start this day.

  2. Jen Ferguson says:

    I think my comment didn’t make it here! Typing again.

    I really needed this line this morning: my grace and peace comes from Christ that dwells within me. In incredibly important reminder for me as I start my day.

    • renee says:

      So glad! I have since given that bracelet to a friend and now I’m wearing “imagine create become”–I love wearing a constant reminder . . .

      Be Blessed.

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